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Candice’s Thighs

Candice’s thighs were like pillars to the gods They were so strong and so sure Like every bounce she had ever taken in her life Had built those hips, those thighs Every time I looked at her I saw the … Continue reading

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Inspiration Squared

A friend of mine, a poetess and professor of the arts shared a link to a website with 66 Experiments for writers. As I perused the list, one of them inspired me to give it a try. The instructions were: … Continue reading

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Elephant Journal

I got published on The Elephant Journal blog. Check it out here! Thanks.

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He Smokes Cigarettes

He smokes standing next to trash cans Behind his apartment Outside of bars In friends’ back yards He laughs a wild laughter Like the child of a gypsy king And his eyes come sparkling after He drives on empty highways … Continue reading

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I Am the One Who Laughs at Your Death

I am the one who has no name, who has no form.  I am the one you can not see even with your eyes.  I am the one who laughs at your death.  There is laughter at your death, there … Continue reading

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The Confession of Eve

Satan convinced me to eat an apple once And it was good But I didn’t know how much ache it would cause I didn’t know about the pain Of blood Of longing Of bearing the burdens of life and love … Continue reading

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She Walks in Two Worlds

She walks in two worlds That become one At the zipper toothed seam Where her toes meet the earth The soles of her feet Thumping out the beat Of drums that have been pounding Steady like her heart For millennia … Continue reading

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