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little bird

Today when I came home to South Coast I happened to stop in at the Far Inn.  When I passed by the front door I looked at my feet and there was a tiny brown songbird sitting very still on … Continue reading

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Candice’s Thighs

Candice’s thighs were like pillars to the gods They were so strong and so sure Like every bounce she had ever taken in her life Had built those hips, those thighs Every time I looked at her I saw the … Continue reading

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Inspiration Squared

A friend of mine, a poetess and professor of the arts shared a link to a website with 66 Experiments for writers. As I perused the list, one of them inspired me to give it a try. The instructions were: … Continue reading

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Free Ravin

  I am an artist.  You are probably an artist too.  Anyways, one of my passions in life is supporting the arts in general and the artists in specific.  One of my beautiful friends is a fabulous designer of jewelry, … Continue reading

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Monomyth Monday: The Seventh Continent

Once upon a time there lived a girl. She lived in Suburbia, in the United States of America. She went to school and made very good grades, she played on the basketball team, but was not very good. Most of … Continue reading

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Dinner for Loretta

Loretta pulled her fork to her lips and tasted her childhood in Dothan, Alabama. The red gravy she remembered from Sunday dinner at Gram’s. Gram would fix Loretta her favorite dinner every once in a while. Gram would fix all … Continue reading

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He Smokes Cigarettes

He smokes standing next to trash cans Behind his apartment Outside of bars In friends’ back yards He laughs a wild laughter Like the child of a gypsy king And his eyes come sparkling after He drives on empty highways … Continue reading

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Weight Watchers Woman

Chris was a tall-toothed kind of guy.  He lived in a trailer park at the edge of town.  The smell of Krystal Burger wafted through his windows until early in the morning and whenever he had a date the woman … Continue reading

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Passing Trains

She was about a hundred yards from the subway station when she saw him. Brown, shaggy hair and a strong but tamed beard. He was setting his backpack on the ground as he circled down to take a cross-legged seat … Continue reading

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Love Poems for the Homeless

When I moved to L.A. from Big Sur last year I was struck by the number of homeless people on the streets.  I have always had a gypsy heart and have met plenty of people who live in a van … Continue reading

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