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I Am the One Who Laughs at Your Death

I am the one who has no name, who has no form.  I am the one you can not see even with your eyes.  I am the one who laughs at your death.  There is laughter at your death, there … Continue reading

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The Longer Journey

After a storm the ants come in Looking for dry An escape from the drowned ant cities Tunnels to an underground world Where a queen sits on a throne Thousands of soldiers under her command Marching through my bathroom Part … Continue reading

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On Death

Born Into Death My grandfather died on December 10th 1975. I remember that now. I was in the womb. I was in the belly of the woman who had lost her father. I was inside there, being rocked to sleep … Continue reading

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On Being a Watchman of the Western Window at the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius and Ascension into the Fifth Dimension

There is a time at night when the stars start talking, and if you’re awake enough to see them they will tell you a story.  The fifth dimension is very visual.  There is no word but the whirr of angelic … Continue reading

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