Candice’s Thighs

purple cosmic tights

Candice’s thighs were like pillars to the gods
They were so strong and so sure
Like every bounce she had ever taken in her life
Had built those hips, those thighs

Every time I looked at her I saw the music
No, heard the music
No, felt it
There was nothing in between the music and her thighs
She took every beat

And sometimes she would deejay
Headphones pressed to her ears
Just on the side, her hand resting neatly on her shoulder
Her neck tweaked into a cradle
And, still those thighs
She was bouncing to the rhythm
Each beat was met by the weight of her thigh
Like a drum
Like a god damn pillar to the sky

It was as if she held all the power of the universe in those thighs
Purple lycra spandex suits
Meet exploding rhinestone chakra at the crown
The beat goes on forever and ever
And it ends up dancing its way through those thighs.

About audreyryan

semi-pro rogue theatre critic
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