Daily Prompt: A to Z

Abby is a blogger.
Blogging is what she does.
Couldn’t she do something else?
Don’t ask questions this far into the story.
Everyone thinks they have a better idea.
For Abby, blogging was the thing.
Giving her opinions on things in the news and sharing her stories made her happy.
How happy?
I don’t know, stop asking questions.
Just listen.
Kindly lower your defenses and suspend your disbelief, this is a true story.
Let me begin again.
Many years ago, there was no such thing as blogging.
Not because there weren’t bloggers, but because the internet hadn’t been invented yet.
One had to recite one’s opinion out loud and hope someone would listen.
Prior to that, we were monkeys.
Quite a lot of progress has been made since then.
Reciting stories out loud to whoever can hear them is so old fashioned.
So, nowadays those people who used to tell stories are bloggers.
Too many stories to remember are now available twenty four hours a day right at your fingertips.
Use this power wisely my dears.
Very soon, even the internet will be obsolete.
What will we do then.
X-ray vision or teleportation devices will be the norm.
You will just know all the stories already without having to hear them or read them on the internet.
Zippadeedodah Zippadeeay, my oh my, won’t that be a wonderful day.

this is a response to the daily prompt: a to z

About audreyryan

semi-pro rogue theatre critic
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1 Response to Daily Prompt: A to Z

  1. galan12 says:

    brill’ loved this one.. ;)

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