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Monomyth Monday: Clearly I’m Stuck at Level 3

As in all great journeys, sometimes the hero(ine) refuses the call. That’s what I’m doing right now. I was supposed to write a nice story following the format of Joseph Campbell’s concept of the monomyth, but I’ve been partying instead. … Continue reading

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Daily Prompt: A to Z

Abby is a blogger. Blogging is what she does. Couldn’t she do something else? Don’t ask questions this far into the story. Everyone thinks they have a better idea. For Abby, blogging was the thing. Giving her opinions on things … Continue reading

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Introducing…Monomyth Monday!

Starting next week I will be writing a story each Monday following the flow of the monomyth. This concept was elucidated by Joseph Campell in his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces. I think it’s an interesting thing to … Continue reading

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Dinner for Loretta

Loretta pulled her fork to her lips and tasted her childhood in Dothan, Alabama. The red gravy she remembered from Sunday dinner at Gram’s. Gram would fix Loretta her favorite dinner every once in a while. Gram would fix all … Continue reading

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Grandma Green

My great great great great Grandma Green was a whore, no really. She was a notorious whore who trailed along with the menfolk on the cattle runs during Florida’s Frontier days. So when this guy first started calling me Grandma … Continue reading

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