The Confession of Eve

Satan convinced me to eat an apple once
And it was good
But I didn’t know how much ache it would cause
I didn’t know about the pain
Of blood
Of longing
Of bearing the burdens of life and love
And I didn’t know what I was doing
When I gave the apple to you
Only desiring to share the sweetness of truth
That lingered on my tongue
I didn’t know how much it would hurt you
About the wandering
And the toil
And the anguish of watching your two sons
One killing the other
I didn’t know you would become
The progenitor of murder and victimhood
You were my love
The founder of my own body
The man who walked with God in paradise
And the fruit of knowledge
Was the only gift I could give


About audreyryan

semi-pro rogue theatre critic
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One Response to The Confession of Eve

  1. theadventuregoddess says:

    Abby i video tape for your class….


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