She Walks in Two Worlds

She walks in two worlds

That become one

At the zipper toothed seam

Where her toes meet the earth

The soles of her feet

Thumping out the beat

Of drums that have been pounding

Steady like her heart

For millennia

Her hips sway in time with the ocean tides

Constantly bringing to shore

The sea foam of her desire

Playing cradle to her abdomen

Filled with hope

For love and the eternity

Of creation

Her deepest longing

To be the zero point of life

The nest out of which fly

A thousand generations of untethered souls

All calling her





Her chest blooms with milky white lilies

Blossoming out in Fibonacci sequences

From the blush pink center

Providing nectar

For bees and butterflies

Lovers and hummingbirds

Seeking sweet nourishment

From the heart

Her neck and shoulders

Create a soft landing place

For weary heads

Concentrating the scent

Of amber and rose

That transmutes her soul

Into a sweet smelling offering

To the Gods

Lips that hold secrets

Too big and beautiful

For the world to handle

Right now

Speak bold pronouncements

Of the explosion to come

Her hair

Thick, flowing waves

Of intricately spun gold

Thinly veil her crown

A lotus blossom

Spiraling out into the unknown known

She walks in two worlds

That become one

At the infinitesimally small point

Where her head meets the sky

About audreyryan

semi-pro rogue theatre critic
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