12 Minute Writing

I just want to take a moment to discuss one of my favorite writing tools.  I first learned about 12 minute writing from my brilliant writing teacher Ann Randolph.  If you are in any way interested in exploring your own writing more in depth I highly recommend attending a class with her.  She performs her own one woman shows all over the country to critical acclaim and leads workshops of varying lengths at some of the most beautiful learning centers all over the place.  Anyway, if you’re interested check out her website:  www.annrandolph.com .    Back to the point.  Twelve minute writing is pretty basic, set a timer for twelve minutes and write the whole time.  Don’t stop, if you get stuck, write … what’s next, what’s next, what’s next … until something comes.  For me, twelve minutes is the perfect amount of time to get out a nice neat bundled up story.  It is also an amazing technique for creating seeds for larger projects.  In twelve minutes enough comes out that you can then look at what you wrote and find threads to explore more in depth, you can see what things pop and what things flop and move on from there.  I have turned several of my twelve minute writings into monologues that I have performed on stage.   I have seen classmates turn something they wrote in a twelve minute write into entire one person shows.  It is a fun, easy technique that really works.  I feel accomplished after I finish.  The real benefit though is just getting the writing done.  I know that sometimes sitting down to write can feel like a giant uphill climb, but when I sit down to a twelve minute write I know that something interesting is about to happen, and I know that it will be over soon, it makes the flow easier knowing there is an end in sight.  I hope you will take the time to read some of my posts in the twelve minute writings category on my blog.  And next time you’re struggling with your own writing, find a writing prompt, set your timer for twelve minutes and go!

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