Albuquerque to Woodland Hills

Manifest Destiny complete.  Today I made the final leg from Albuquerque, NM to Woodland Hills, CA.

Miles – 816

Miles per hour – 105

Intuitive Speeding Ticket Avoidance System Success Rate – 100%

Road Snacks – Cherry/Blue Raspberry Icee and Organic White Chedder Popcorn

Saddest Missed Opportunity – detouring to the Grand Canyon

State with the cheapest gas – Arizona

California Agricultural Checkpoint – Wild Cherry / Blue Raspberry swirl Icee, pass; Fresh Apples, fail.

Tumbleweed sightings – 1

Host – Theo, friend from Esalen

Nickname – Elf

Claim to Fame – being a vegan and helping Denny’s come up with the “Bacon-nalia” marketing campaign

Would you like bacon with that?


About audreyryan

semi-pro rogue theatre critic
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One Response to Albuquerque to Woodland Hills

  1. laura wilson says:

    welcome Back to LA

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