Pattison to Albuquerque

Today I made it from Pattison, TX to Albuquerque, NM

Miles – 857

Miles in West Texas – 1,000,857

Places I passed while driving through West Texas – Sudan, Earth

Vulture feathers collected – 3

Colorado River crossings – 4

Scratch-off lottery winnings – $5 Gross, $3 Net

On the radio – Patsy Cline, Willy Nelson, Ryan Seacrest

Road snacks – pecan log, Dairy Queen Blizzard

Number of criminal conspiracies suspected of being hatched at the corner mart in Llano, TX – 3

Worst crime in West Texas – a man was found carrying a small baggie of marijuana at a convenience store

Best part of West Texas – Clovis, New Mexico

Host – Jeromy, friend from grad school

Nickname – Jer Bear

Claim to fame – After winning an internet contest, becoming one of the first owners of the original TiVo, ushering in a new era in television technology and changing the way the world watches T.V.

Now that's a fancy remote.


About audreyryan

semi-pro rogue theatre critic
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