Fairhope to Pattison

Today I made it from Fairhope, AL to Pattison, TX

Miles – 533

Miles of Rain – approx. 500

Hopefully the 500 miles of rain heading this way will cure the drought.

Major revenue sources in Louisiana according to billboard study – Casinos, Boudin and Cracklins

Road Snacks – Cheese Crackers and Pecan Divinity handmade at the Tyler Candy Co., Tyler, TX

On the Radio – AM Talk and 90’s alterna-pop

Most anticipated pitstop – PJ’s Coffee Iced Mocha

How I know caffeing is a diuretic – Coffee consumption increased bathroom breaks by 400% day over day average

Pattison TX Population – 472

Host- Ashley, high school friend

Nickname – Tweet

Claim to fame – being in the wrong lane during the most ill fated 4×100 Relay in Boone High School history.  I literally ran into her full speed, resulting in scrapes, bruises and the baton becoming a projectile.  We came in last place.

About audreyryan

semi-pro rogue theatre critic
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