Orlando to Fairhope

I’m on a cross country journey … today I left Orlando and made it to Fairhope, AL.

Miles – 516

Miles to first cop sighting – 2

Number of 30 second rainstorms – 8

Unexpected detour – Missed the exit for I-10, got to drive through Jasper, FL

On the radio – country and classic rock

Road snacks – peanut butter crackers and raspberry licorice

Host – Jennifer, college room mate

Nickname – Jennifer Minnifer

Claim to fame – Driving her old, dying car onto her soon to be father-in-law’s new car lot with “$10 or best offer” written on the windshield in shoe polish

About audreyryan

semi-pro rogue theatre critic
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2 Responses to Orlando to Fairhope

  1. laura wilson says:

    sounds like an adventure…. Travel safe

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