10 Things You Probably Haven’t Done

Sometimes I think I have to be a writer because my life is so full of weird things.  I’m not your normal average every day girl, nothing in my life is “normal”.  I like it that way.  Here’s a list of things that I have experienced.  This list could be much, much larger!  Perhaps when I get over my fears of being judged as a looney bin or a ne’er-do-well and can write without trying to protect the innocent bystanders I’ll tell you more.  Until then, here’s the G-rated version.

1. I have driven over a cliff – and survived

2. I have been struck by lightning – and survived

3. I consumed nothing but water for forty days – and survived

4. I have walked on water – this was an adrenaline fueled fear induced miracle, or a fearacle

I didn't look this cool about it when I did it

5. I have hung out in the wild with five California Condors

6. I lived at Esalen Institute

7. I had a bee land on my arm and then walk around on me for half an hour, he even licked me with his little bee tongue because he thought I was sweet – I miss him

8. I manifested a car after telling everyone that the universe was going to give me a car for free

9. I have had someone chop down an eight foot tall flower with a hatchet for me, we used a five gallon bucket for a vase

I deserve a flower that only blooms once a century! - photo by H. Zell

10. I have kissed someone from every inhabited continent except Australia – hey Aussies, what’s up?

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2 Responses to 10 Things You Probably Haven’t Done

  1. Elle says:

    Holy cow you are a lucky girl! You’re right, I have not experienced any of those things. I have, however, survived a chemical explosion, a train wreck and a boat capsizing. Those make for some pretty cool stories too ;)

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