Love Poems for the Homeless

When I moved to L.A. from Big Sur last year I was struck by the number of homeless people on the streets.  I have always had a gypsy heart and have met plenty of people who live in a van down by the river.  I love the people in this world who wander, whether it is choiceful or not (although I believe all people are always in a state of choicefulness).  I started writing poetry in L.A. and I noticed that I was writing a lot about the homeless poeple in my realm, so I decided to create a collection called “Love Poems for the Homeless”  Here is the first one.  Love to you all!

if you've got to be homeless somewhere

The clanging of glass bottles
Sends serenades through my window
At two o’three in the morning
And I think of the homeless man
Down on the corner
Conducting the coke bottle symphony
And I smile
knowing how close I am to him right now
in an august hot apartment
in the city
windows open to beg in the breeze
floating in alley ways
behind liquor stores and law offices
And the poetry of life
Sings to me
Telephone polls are mighty trees
Ocean currents
Run through highways
And bottle neck dolphins
Ride the waves toward sunset
And dirty isn’t dirty at all
The grit of life
Clings to things
Cars and shopping cart wheels
And the atmosphere
Thick with dust and electricity
Rains down mud

About audreyryan

semi-pro rogue theatre critic
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2 Responses to Love Poems for the Homeless

  1. i remember going to venice beach and being totally shocked at the amount of people living rough. great post

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